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Aston Martin Repair

Aston Martin Repair Specialists in Ave York, ON

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Aston Martin and almost every car chase involving James Bond. They simply go together like Earl Grey tea and scones or bangers and mash. It’s the car we know as the quintessential British icon of style and performance. It has been modified, enhanced and even brought back to life from destruction in Skyfall. That scene got us right where it hurts too. No, Aston Martins do not come standard with rotating license plates or ejection seats, but this splendid and storied brand is experiencing a resurgence in popularity even without eccentric gadgets.

The most useful tip we can offer is to replace the brake fluid more frequently than the factory recommends. We suggest every year, regardless of mileage. This helps eliminate any moisture in the fluid that can contribute to corrosion issues in the calipers or cause a reduction in braking performance.

Our team only uses original OEM parts that have been designed, tested and produced specifically for your Aston Martin. Although more expensive, they’re more than worth it.

Whether you drive a V8 or V12 Vantage model – or one of Aston Martin’s other vehicle models – there is manufacturer-recommended service for each year of the vehicle’s lifetime in order to keep it running well and maintain resale value.

Here’s a closer look at these manufacturer-recommended service intervals:
- 1 year (16,000 kilometres)
- 2 years (32,000 kilometres): Brake fluid change is also recommended.
- 3 years (48,000 kilometres)
- 4 years (64,000 kilometres): Brake fluid change and manual trans axle oil change is recommended.
- 5 years (80,000 kilometres): Coolant change is recommended.
- 6 years (96,000 kilometres): Brake fluid change is recommended.
- 7 years (112,000 kilometres): Replacement of spark plugs is recommended.

In addition to yearly servicing, replacement items such as pollen filters and air filters are also recommended by the manufacturer at certain intervals. For instance, new pollen filters are suggested at 32,000 kilometres and new air filters between 32,000 and 48,000 kilometres.

Aston Martin service and repair is our craft. So much so, that we may actually answer if you call us. We meet with our clients every 6 months to ensure their vehicle, and any added spy gadgets, are running at peak performance. We’ll make sure your car is serviced correctly the first time – and we pride ourselves in working with the highest level of care as we do it.

Contact us today for the service and repair your Aston Martin needs.

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