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Bentley Repair

Bentley Repair Repair Specialists in Ave York, ON

The performance offered by a Bentley differs radically from the adrenaline surge generated by any of the other vehicles on this website. When it’s excitement you crave, choose another vehicle. Bentleys fill a niche, sitting somewhere in between the Rolls-Royce, known for style and elegance, and Aston Martin, famous for their performance and speed. As soon as you get behind the wheel of a Bentley, you know you’re in for an experience. That steering wheel you just put your hands on is made with the world’s finest leather, stitched by hand. Bentley’s craftspeople manually mark the leather with an ordinary kitchen fork before proceeding with each stitch, perfectly placed. The process takes five hours, during which 10 metres of thread are used for 620 separate stitches. And that’s just the steering wheel. Your Bentley is designed for comfort; the exquisite interior finish wraps you in a cocoon of luxury and complete calm. The interiors have been so superbly crafted, with a wide range of materials – from a variety of woods to more exotic materials such as gold and mother of pearl. Maintenance issues with the interior are non-existent.

Scheduled Maintenance

Of course the best way to keep your Bentley in tip-top shape is to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. The first happens at 40,000 kilometres and involves a variety of different inspections, adjustments and changes. Tires will be rotated, for example, and the engine oil and filter will be replaced. Suspension components, power steering fluid levels and half shaft dust boots will also be checked and the exhaust system will be given a full inspection.

The next major service happens at 48,000 kilometres and will include many of the same inspection points as the 40,000 kilometre schedule. Additional items will include checking the car’s shocks and struts, the radiator, coolers and heater and replacing the cabin air filter (if necessary depending on the situation). The 72,000 kilometre maintenance will include checking the car’s battery, exterior lamps and other items like the horn. All of the car’s turn signals and hazard warning lights will also be checked, which is designed to uphold the highest level of safety. The clutch operation will also be inspected, as will the coolant recovery reservoir and the engine accessory drive belt.

At Your Service

If you’re in need of Bentley service and repair, our trained and talented team of passionate professionals, technicians, mechanics and self-proclaimed agents of oil change have everything you need to help protect your Bentley, both now and in the future. We also gladly accept any and all special service requests that you may have.

Contact us for all your Bentley service and repair needs. Whether you cruise majestically around town or head out on an extended Grand Tour, we’ll go above and beyond to ensure your vehicle receives the best care, so you can ride in comfort – and drive with peace of mind.

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