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Lamborghini Repair

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Lamborghinis are complicated with scheduled maintenance beginning as soon as 8,000 kilometres and includes no less than 18 different items to inspect, adjust and change as necessary.

These include standard functions like rotating the tires, replacing the engine oil and oil filter, inspecting all suspension components of the vehicle and also inspecting any steering linkage for issues.

The 24,000 kilometres maintenance interval adds a number of important functions like inspecting the current operation of the car’s clutch and inspecting the air cleaner element. All of the car’s turn signals, hazard lights and other warning lights will also be checked to help make sure they are operating at peak efficiency.

Scheduled maintenance is recommended to occur every 8,000 or so kilometres for the entirety of your ownership of the vehicle. The 80,000 kilometres maintenance interval, for example, will be when your car’s battery, exterior lamps and other necessary elements are checked.

The brake fluid level will also be inspected, as will any automatic or manual transmission fluids that it may have. The air cleaner and element will also be given a thorough visual inspection and will be replaced as needed, which is designed to help make sure that all air going into the vehicle is as high in quality as possible at all times.

Even legends have issues.

Something we’ve noticed in a few older models, such as the Gallardo, is clutch wear. This can be caused because it’s a paddle shift and a computer controls the clutch. Also, the wiring can cause issues in the central locking systems, power windows, lights and heating systems.

Upgrades worth considering.

Wheels and tires are some of the simplest. You can gain up to 5 to 20 horsepower by upgrading your exhaust. Boosting your braking power is also recommended. Ask us about the devil of an exhaust modification job we did on a Diablo. We ordered in the exhaust system but then had to custom it to fit the vehicle, because there are no universal systems out there for these hand-crafted vehicles.

You don’t let just anyone touch these works of art. When you’re in need of Lamborghini service and repair in York, ON. J-Pro Auto Service has what it takes. We also offer courtesy inspections and accommodate any and all special requests that you may have.

Talk to us or drop by for a chat. See for yourself how passionate we are about keeping your vehicle performing at its best.

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