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Mercedes-Benz Repair

Mercedes Benz Repair Specialists in Ave York, ON

Preventative Maintenance Service Plans

The Mercedes Benz is an international symbol of automotive luxury and prestige. It only makes sense that you bring your Mercedes to the experts - J PRO AUTO IN YORK, ON - to keep it in optimal condition. Manufacturers have designed a service plan for all Mercedes-Benz owners to take care of their vehicle. Your Mercedes comes with two built-in service plans (A Services and B Services), and these plans alternate throughout the years of ownership. The first A-Service should be performed at approximately 10,000 miles or one year. After this initial appointment, the B Service will be performed every 20,000 miles or two years. J-Pro Auto Service is here to give owners the necessary counsel about your Mercedes-Benz's A services. These services include motor oil replacement, oil filter change, fluid services, tire inflation, and braking system inspections.

Accurate Engine Diagnostics & Repairs

Your initial Mercedes-Benz B Service will happen at around 20,000 miles or at two years. The following B services will alternate between the A service schedule:
- Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement
- Oil Filter Replacement
- Cabin Dust/Combination Filter Replacement
- Brake Fluid Exchange
- All Fluid Level Checks & Corrections.
- Tire Inflation Check & Correction
- Brake Component Inspection
- Reset Maintenance Counter

Your Mercedes A Services and B Services are designed to keep your vehicle two steps ahead of any performance issue or engine breakdowns. Our European auto repair technicians are well trained and highly experienced at providing services for all models of Mercedes-Benz. We'll consider your driving habits, your Mercedes' age, and the manufacturer's recommendations when performing any of your A or B Services. The Mercedes-Benz has a Flexible Service System (FSS) that allows for a flexible service schedule. Our qualified Mercedes technicians are able to analyze your individual driving style.

Schedule Your Mercedes Benz Service Appointment

Bring your Mercedes-Benz to the service experts in J PRO AUTO IN YORK, ON. When you can trust your Mercedes Benz to an expert it allows you to drive with confidence. Get the biggest return on your investment in quality road travel by letting our team perform all the necessary auto services. As soon as you notice a performance issue, let our team have a look under the hood. We can perform any repair services for your Mercedes' engine, mechanical, or electrical systems. Our goal is to avoid all costly repairs, so put your Mercedes on the path to peak performance. Give us a call today to schedule your Mercedes-Benz maintenance or repair services. You can go ahead and schedule your appointment right now using our convenient online scheduling system.

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