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Volkswagen Repair

Volkswagen Repair Specialists in Ave York, ON

Volkswagen owners love their cars because they’re excellent vehicles. So when it’s time for Volkswagen service and repair, our technicians will provide expert diagnostics and recommend service according to VW’s scheduled maintenance guidelines. We have the diagnostic equipment and OEM parts needed to service your Volkswagen properly and will present you with a prioritized estimate that highlights and explains preventative versus regular maintenance services.

When, where and how you drive your vehicle, coupled with the manufacturer’s recommended VW scheduled maintenance are considered when J-Pro Auto Service creates a personalized maintenance plan for your car. Volkswagen service and repair schedules depends on whether it is gasoline or diesel-powered. On some models, an in-car display will remind you when to make a maintenance appointment.

Along with the VW scheduled maintenance plans, here’s a list of additional information on what you should service regardless of kilometres driven:

Suggested Additional Services

Every 2 years: Dust and pollen filter: Replace (if applicable), check latch for convertible roof (if applicable), check and observe the date on the tire filler bottle in the tire mobility kit (if applicable)

Every 3 years, and every 2 years after: Change brake fluid, haldex clutch: change oil (if applicable)

At the 4 year mark, if mileage is under 15,000 km: AdBlue® Change Fluid

Every 4 years: Replace tire filler bottle in tire mobility set (Observe expiration date), replace spark plugs (2.0L MPI only)

Every 6 years: Replace spark plugs (all engines except 2.0L MPI and TDI), air filter element and snow filter: replace and clean housing (if applicable ), change tire pressure sensors (if applicable)

Timing belt is everything.

If we had one thing to share about VWs, it’s the timing belt. When it’s time to replace it, do so. Don’t wait. Engine damage can occur if your timing belt fails. Or destroy it completely.

We’ll keep your Volkswagen in exceptional condition so you’ll have many more years of driving enjoyment. Book an appointment for all kind of service and repair with J PRO AUTO SERVICE Today!

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